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COVID-19 Vaccine in Kendall County

Currently Only Serving Phase 1A - By Appointment Only

The Kendall County Department has been preparing and working with partners at all levels including, care providers, community leaders, and law enforcement, to develop responsive plans to accommodate different vaccines. The Department is planning to provide direct vaccination, but will also be assisted by care facilities and pharmacies.

Vaccination for COVID-19 in Kendall County will be rolled out in phases, based on national guidance. There will be a very limited supply in the beginning. As a result, vaccines will be prioritized for:

  • Healthcare workers: particularly those who treat or transport COVID patients. Hospitals will vaccinate their own employees. Kendall County Department will work to vaccinate those unaffiliated care workers, including EMS.
  • Residents and staff at long-term care facilities: Long-term care facilities are part of a federal program that works with pharmacies to vaccinate residents and staff.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Plan will require 1a through 4 phaseD approach


  • Settings: Nurses & Nursing Assistants, Physicians (MD, NP, PA),Respiratory Technicians, Pharmacists, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), including Fire Departments staff acting a EMS & Air Medical Transport (Rotor & Fixed Wing), COVID Sample Lab workers, Organ Harvesters & Students on Clinical Rotations.  Other workers in settings at elevated risk, such as Environmental Services Staff, Reception Staff, X-Ray Technician’s, Phlebotomists, Infectious Waste Workers, Dietary staff, Laundry staff, Security staff, Crisis Intervention staff, Interpreters, Clergy/pastoral/chaplains.
  • Non- healthcare: Clinicians, such as Nurses & Nursing Assistants, Physicians (MD, NP, PA), Respiratory Technicians, Dentists & Hygienists, Pharmacists, Plasma and Blood Donation staff, Morticians, Public Nurses, Home , Nurses, Optometrist, COVID Testing staff, Dermatologist, Dialysis staff, Urgent care workers, Corrections nurses/aids, Physical/occupation/speech therapists, Vaccine clinic workers, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), including Fire Departments staff acting as EMS & Air Medical Transport (Rotor & Fixed Wing).


o Persons aged 65 years and older

o Frontline essential workers, defined as those workers who are essential for the functioning of society and are at highest risk of  exposure, including the following:

▪ First responders: Firefighters (including volunteers), Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs), 911 Dispatch (Public Safety Answering Point – PSAP), Security Personnel, School Officers. (EMS personnel are considered under Phase 1a).

▪ Corrections Officers/Inmates: Jail Officers, Juvenile Facility Staff, Workers Providing In-Person Support, Inmates.

▪ Food and Agriculture Workers: Processing, Plants, Veterinary Health, Livestock Services, Animal Care.

▪ Postal Service Workers

▪ Manufacturing Workers: Industrial production of goods for distribution to retail, wholesale or other manufacturers.

▪ Grocery Store Workers: Baggers, Cashiers, Stockers, Pick-Up, Customer Service.

▪ Public Transit Workers: Flight Crew, Bus Drivers, Train Conductors, Taxi Drivers, Para-Transit Drivers, In-Person Support, Ride Sharing Services.

▪ Education (Congregate Child Care, Pre-K through 12th grade): Teachers, Principals, Student Support, Student Aids, Day Care Workers.

▪ Shelters/Adult Day Care: Homeless Shelter, Women's Shelter, Adult Day/Drop-In Program, Sheltered Workshop, Psycho-Social Rehab.


PHASE 1C: (Is still in draft form based on ACIP recommendations. Further updates to be released for Phase 1C for the context of Illinois)

o Persons aged 16 to 64 years old with medical conditions that increase the risk for severe COVID-19. Conditions include obesity, diabetes, pulmonary disease, heart condition including hypertension, kidney disease, cancer, immunocompromised, sickle cell and pregnancy. 16 (Note: As of the date of this plan, only Pfizer has been authorized for those under 18, from the age’s 16 & up, whereas Moderna is 18 & up)

o Other essential workers, may include:

▪ Transportation & Logistics

▪ Food Service

▪ Housing (e.g., Construction)

▪ Finance (e.g., Bank Tellers)

▪ Information Technology & Communication

▪ Energy

▪ Media

▪ Legal

▪ Public Safety (e.g., Safety Engineers)

▪ Water & Wastewater

▪ Public Health Workers

PHASE 2: Larger Number of Vaccine Doses Available

A. Possible groups could include: Pending ACIP recommendations.

B. Possible groups could include: Workers in industries and occupations important to the functioning of society. (medical and dental personnel, food beverage stores, cosmetic and beauty stores, optical goods, personal care stores, postal workers, warehousing personnel; and medicine manufacturing.)

C. Possible groups could include: People with moderate comorbid conditions.

PHASE 3: Vaccine Supply Even More Widely Available

A. Possible groups could include: Pending ACIP recommendations.

B. Possible groups could include: Immunizations of Children (when pediatric vaccine is approved)

C. Possible groups could include: Young Adults (18-30)

PHASE 4: Sufficient Supply of Vaccine Doses Available for Entire Population

A. Everyone who did not have access to the vaccine in previous phases

Vaccine supply is expected to continually increase in the weeks and months ahead. Kendall County Department will work with partners to ensure those that are the most vulnerable have access to COVID vaccinations. Eventually, the vaccine will be available to all Kendall County residents who want it. 

However, until we receive enough vaccine for the general public, it is imperative that we each do our part in protecting our families, friends, and co-workers by wearing masks, practicing physical distancing, hand washing, and avoiding in-person gatherings. These preventive measures will be especially important to follow during the upcoming holidays.

Please understand that as the vaccine rollout begins, adjustments may be made based on national guidelines, allocation and need. 


(currently FOR PHASE 1A/1B ONLY)

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