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Commit To Be Fit

CommitToBeFitJumpCommunity Health Services is excited to introduce a new program for Kendall County residents - Commit To Be Fit. This eight week innovative course will focus on nutrition and fitness concepts, featuring hands on experience. It will apply evidence-based tools and activities that follow closely with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2018-2023, written in joint effort by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the United States Department of Agriculture. Community Health Services is also thankful to have some of our community partners participate in teaching parts of the course. We welcome you and your whole family to join us!

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CommitFitWeekly Program Overview

Week 1 - Program Introduction:

  • Introduction to Basic Dietary Guidelines and how to achieve them by KCHD Registered Dietitians.
  • Gardening education and techniques by Kendall County Soil and Water Conservation District.
  • Children will make Our First Garden Boxes with assistance from partners from our local Home Depot.
  • Overview of KCHD's Commit To Be Fit website and its resources.

Week 2 - Walk It Out:

  • Exercise tips and a 30 minute walking physical activity as a group.
  • Healthy eating tips for eating out and eating on the go.
  • Options to continue a fitness program presented by partners from local fitness centers.

Week 3 - Grocery Store Tour:

  • KCHD Registered Dietitians will lead a tour through a local grocery store, providing guidance and nutritional factors.
  • Participants will receive a smart grocery shopping hand guide to assist in understanding Nutritional Facts Labels, money saving tips, and other topics.

Week 4 - "Spice It Up" Cooking Demo:

  • Cooking demonstration using spices and vegetables from our garden.
  • Incorporating one's senses of smell and taste while promoting healthy spices, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Review our Healthy Recipe Book and other healthy eating tips through our website.

Week 5 - Walk It Out:

  • A 30 minute walking physical activity as a group at our local YMCA's walking path.
  • Tips for rethinking your drink and increasing water consumption.
  • Options to continue a fitness program presented by partners from local fitness centers.

Week 6 - Mindful Eating:

  • Understanding your brain and food, including behaviors and moods that can affect your diet, presented by KCHD's Behavioral Health Services staff.

Week 7 - Dental Hygiene and Nutrition:

  • Highlighting the relationship between diet and good oral health.
  • Promoting access to oral health care supports.

Week 8 - Cooking Demo:

  • Modifying cooking techniques.
  • Information about the most popular diets on the market.
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