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Kendall County Board of Health


President - Lynn Cullick
Members -  Jay DeMarco, John Gleason, M.D., Karin Gustafson, D.O., Jim Jensen, Karen Kelly, Andrea Mann, Nancy Reiland, Gabriella Shanahan, Brooke Shanley
Board of Health Meetings:

Third Tuesday of month @ 6 pm in the WIC Classroom (Room 136), Kendall County Health Department

811 W. John St., Yorkville, IL 60560

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The Health Department was awarded international accreditation this year with profound words of praise.

"Kendall County Health Department is praised by its funders and referral sources as the provider of choice in the community. The Kendall County Health Department is seen as collaborative, innovative, approachable, and transparent by those who work closely with the organization."
“Clients report feeling that the clinical services they receive are excellent and that the organization provides a one-stop shop for many of their needs.”

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Kendall County Health Department is to promote physical health, mental health, environmental health, protect the community’s health, prevent disease, and promote family economic self-sufficiency through both person based services and population based programs.

  • Provide both person based services & population based programs; Our health department takes great care to provide both person-based as well as population-based health and well being programs for our communities. Our diverse person-based services such as home weatherization, addictions treatment, and person centered nutrition consultation are vital to the wellness of the communities we serve. Our population-based services such as radon education, energy conservation education, suicide surveillance (trend monitoring), communicable disease prevention, and emergency preparedness work are vital to the wellness of the communities we serve. As a provider of both person-based as well as population-based health and well being services, we are poised to use such breadth of understanding to employ effective prevention information, interventions, and strategies on behalf of community wellness.
  • Support family economic self-sufficiency; All families and individuals want to maintain financial well being, remain free of socioeconomic duress, and protect themselves from the debilitating effects of poverty. Overcoming poverty and chronic unemployment is crucial to family well being. Holistic programs that simultaneously address skills alongside household supports are more likely to have success in helping families achieve self-sufficiency.
  • Implement an ongoing program of assessment of needs and resources, develop policies to encourage better health, and assure that needed services are available.
  • Promote health by providing educational programs in physical, mental and environmental health, alcohol/drug abuse, tobacco control, and injury and violence prevention, etc.
  • Develop and disseminate materials and programs to educate and inspire residents about healthy behaviors and healthy living.
  • Protect public health by providing immunizations and investigating communicable disease.
  • Assure community health by monitoring drinking water, inspecting food establishments and food handling, and monitoring the storage and disposal of wastes.
  • Provide outpatient mental health and chemical dependency services to county residents of all ages.
  • Improve access to care by utilizing the services of the private health sector and by providing services to those with limited resources.
  • Prepare the community for human initiated & natural hazards via emergency preparedness planning.

Vision Statement

The Kendall County Board of Health is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of the people in our community.


To view a copy of our Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Whistle Blower Protection Policy, please click here.

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