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Waste Recycling - Medicine Disposal


EH - IWhat do I do with unused and expired medicines?

Safe methods of disposal are needed for expired or unwanted medicines. Products of concern include prescription and over-the-counter medications. Improper disposal of medicines presents both a public safety and environmental hazard and wastes millions of health care dollars annually.

The three main hazards are:

  1. Possible poisoning from accidental ingestion if medicines are thrown in the trash
  2. Illegal use or theft, including identity theft, from discarded containers providing personal patient information.
  3. Contamination of water resources, which can result in reproductive and developmental problems in fish and other aquatic wildlife if medicines are flushed or placed in the trash

Medicine Disposal in Kendall County

Fox Metro Water Reclamation District
Phone: 630-892-4378

Monday thru Friday
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m

Kendall County Sheriff Department

1102 Cornell Lane, Yorkville

Phone:  630-553-5856

Open 8am to 4:30pm excluding county holidays.  Call for further details

Medication Collection Instructions:
  1. Gather your unwanted medications.
  2. Leave items in their original containers. Pill bottles, blister packs, ointment tubes, and leak-proof liquid containers are all acceptable.
  3. Remove or black out any personal information on the label to protect your privacy.
  4. Take medications to the drop off site and drop off.
  5. It is recommended that you contact the drop off facility to ensure availability and for any other instructions.
Do Not:
  • Flush medications down the sink or toilet
  • Place in the trash
  • Give or sell to others
Unacceptable Medications:

Sharps, needles, IV bags, or thermometers.

To dispose of sharps:

  1. Use a puncture-proof sharps container which can be purchased at pharmacies. Alternatively hard plastic household containers, which should be unbreakable and puncture resistant, may be used. We recommend a laundry detergent bottle. No milk jugs or coffee cans.
  2. Sharps should be placed in the sharps container immediately after use.
  3. Put sharps in point-first.
  4. Store sharps in closed container with the cap screwed on until disposal.
  5. Containers more than half-full should be disposed of. Do not cram them full.
  6. Clearly label container “SHARPS, DO NOT RECYCLE” with a bold marker.
  7. When the container is half full, tape lid on securely with duct tape and place in trash.
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