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Family Case Management / APORS

Family Case Management

A program offering referral and resources to pregnant and postpartum women and newborn infants through the first year of life. Services include:

  • Prenatal and Infant Education - teaching mothers how to stay healthy during pregnancy, how to be ready for labor and delivery, and how to keep new babies healthy with well child visits and immunizations.
  • Health Insurance - assistance with obtaining access to health care with the State of Illinois All Kids program.
  • On-going support - one person is assigned to each pregnant woman and mom to provide on-going support and answer question until the baby's first birthday.
  • Basic needs - we give referrals and directions to other programs so families can get items they need to be safe and healthy.

Participants of the Family Case Management program may also participate in the WIC supplemental nutrition program.


Provide education, resources and referral, and follow up for residents of Kendall County with lead poisoning prevention questions or concerns.

More information on Lead can be found by visiting the CDC's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention page.

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