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Everyone should work to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies.

    • In an emergency, you may not be able to access services taken for granted every day.
    • Thus, you are the only one who can ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones.
    • If you prepare ahead of time, you will be better able to assist your family and others in the community.

Every small step toward preparedness makes a difference.

Preparing for emergencies can be an overwhelming project.  Tools are available to help you prepare one step at a time.

ER_Do 1 Thing  bw Do 1 Thing is a web-based twelve month preparedness program that focuses on a different area of emergency preparedness each month, and provides a range of preparedness options for each topic.

See their website - do 1 thing

Every month has a low or no-cost option to become better prepared.  Each month you are given a choice of three things you can do, then you choose one.  If you do 1 thing each month, by the time a year has passed, you will have taken big steps towards being ready for the unknown.

You can jump in at anytime - jump in now and learn about having 72 hours (3 days) worth of water stored for your household!


Preparing: Water Resource and Fact Sheets:
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