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Food Protection

Consumer - Outreach & Education

Kendall County Health Department is responsible for permitting and inspecting all food service facilities, food trucks, and temporary event food operations across the county.  We also investigate suspected outbreaks of foodborne illness.  Our goal is to eliminate factors that cause foodborne illness.  

Food Recalls

Food Permitting, Rules & Regulations

Kendall County Health Department permits, inspects, educates, and investigate complaints regarding food services in Kendall County.

If there are any questions or concerns email us at [email protected]

Food Handling Permits

Annual / Brick & Mortar

Apply here for a new brick and mortar food facility permit. Please complete either the online application or print and return the paper application. Payment can be sent by E-Pay, credit card, cash, check, or money order.

  • Annual Food Permit Application and Payment
  • Risk Type Description - coming soon

    Mobile Food

    Apply here for a county-wide mobile food permit. This permit allows for the sale of foods from an approve mobile unit throughout the county. Vender must have permission from municipality/land owner they wish to vend from.       

    Temporary Food / Special Events

    Apply here for food vending associated with a special event, market, fair or festival.

Cottage Food

Certain foods may be produced from the home under Illinois Cottage Food Law. See here for the law, guide, and registration form. Please contact us for information and assistance at 630-553-8026.

Trainings and Certifications

Trainings and certifications may be required for food service operations. See below for training programs.

Requirements for New Builds & Remodels / Brick and mortar & Mobiles

See here for construction requirements for brick and mortar facilities and mobile food trucks/enclosed trailers/carts.

Rules and Regulations

See here for the Federal, State, and Local requirements for food establishments.


Food Facility Required Signage / Postings
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