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Employment Barrier Reduction Program (EBRP)

The Employment Barrier Reduction Program (EBRP) provides assistance to directly alleviate financial barriers that prohibit participants from obtaining or retaining employment or job training services, such as clothing, cell phone or minutes, transportation, personal hygiene, child care, books or training supplies, course registration, ID/Driver's License.

EBRP's purpose is to increase employment among people who have lost or at risk of losing SNAP benefits because they are struggling to meet strict federal work requirements.

Program Eligibility

Individuals are eligible for EBRP services if they are one of the following:

  • currently receiving SNAP, TANF, or Medicaid benefits
  • part of an active SNAP household
  • eligible persons with a pending application for SNAP
  • able-bodied adults without dependents who have been kicked off SNAP due to benefit time limits within the last 9 months.


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