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IDPH News Release: IDPH Reports 59 Illinois Counties at an Elevated Community Level for COVID-19

January 13th, 2023


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Joint Press Release – Suicide and Safety

Joint Press Release

Office of the Kendall County Coroner & Kendall...

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November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the United States and Illinois, lung cancer is the leading cause of death for men and...

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PSA: Kendall County Coronavirus Update 06.02.2022

Public Service Announcement

 Date 06.09.2022 


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PSA: Kendall County Coronavirus Update 06.02.2022

Public Service Announcement

 Date 06.02.2022 


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Upcoming Events

Mental Health First Aid – 02.27.2023

MHFA Flyer 02.27.23

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Mental Health First Aid – 03.17.2023

MHFA Flyer 03.17.23

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Illinois WIC programs want your feedback! If you participate in WIC, please visit https://t.co/8tTeS0OyLQ and complete a survey.

Kendall County Health Department is an equal opportunity provider. https://t.co/dMc0kkoUYX
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It's American Heart Month - KCHD is offering a free walk-in clinic for blood pressure screenings.
Stop in Monday through Friday from 9:30-10:30 and find out what your numbers are! https://t.co/wRH5beZyjp
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Spring fever may be getting to you, but don’t let the ticks! Ticks are out questing if the temp is at least 38*! This includes Deer ticks, the known carriers of Lyme Disease. If you're outside this weekend, do a tick check once you’re home! More info: https://t.co/hwWoLTT5Ty. https://t.co/iyVgjOJNYy kendallhealth photo
Kendall County's 2-1-1 hotline is live! 2-1-1 is a hotline to connect callers with a live specialist who can talk through options for services such as food banks, support groups, Medicaid, transportation assistance, and more. https://t.co/rz8f4UbMq3 kendallhealth photo
What is better than quitting smoking or vaping? Getting counseling help to do it for FREE. Visit the Illinois Tobacco Quitline at https://t.co/mIIjA3RLgI or call 1-866- QUIT-YES to enroll now. https://t.co/BeW2Nnc0Jj kendallhealth photo
Are you an RN seeking a regular schedule, weekends off, & a slower pace? Do you have experience with investigation & control of communicable disease & epidemiology?

We have a job opening for you! To view our Public Health Nurse posting and others, visit https://t.co/da36G4BUT0. https://t.co/Eqt8fWODXt
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PFAS can be found in a variety of consumer products & water. PFAS remain in the environment & the human body for a long time. Based on current research, higher exposure to PFAS increases the chances of some health concerns. To learn more about PFAS, visit https://t.co/LiVt7ccq4f. https://t.co/aj4OQ7ndRI kendallhealth photo
With temperatures expected below zero tonight, we want to remind the community that there are Warming Centers available. To find the list, visit https://t.co/lxVzF5ean0 and use the "How Do I..." "Find" sidebar.

Please call ahead to ensure a location is able to receive you. https://t.co/Do9scQxRzw
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Toddlers (2+) need to eat a variety of foods to grow strong & stay healthy!
🥬 A variety of fruits and vegetables
🍞 Whole grains
🐟 A variety of protein

https://t.co/BVL2CdMZrQ #HealthyStartsHere
Kendall County Health Department is an equal opportunity provider. https://t.co/Dlalw8U8bX
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Who do you call when Culex Pipiens mosquitoes attack?
The SWAT team!

Our West Nile Virus mosquito surveillance program had 8 active mosquito traps running through summer 2022. 5 of the tested 72 mosquito pools were positive for WNV. We will have 10 traps this year! https://t.co/VgfTV17V0e
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Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a group of approximately 5,000 human-made chemicals. PFAS have been released into the air, water, and soil through products, processes, and fire-fighting foam.
To learn more about PFAS, visit https://t.co/LiVt7ccq4f. https://t.co/UHxTuPST9D
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Thank you to IVVC's Health Occupation Class for allowing KCHD staff to come present today. We hope your blood drive on February 22, 2023 is successful! https://t.co/ymM4epXXk2 kendallhealth photo
Did you know you can apply for WIC as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test? Visit https://t.co/BVL2CdMZrQ to find a WIC agency near you and ask what prenatal services they offer! #HealthyStartsHere
Kendall County Health Department is an Equal Opportunity Provider. https://t.co/7DDdYHBBxv
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Radon Action Month is almost over! When was the last time your home was tested for radon?

Of the thousands of indoor radon tests taken in Kendall since 2003, 47% of those results exceeded USEPA's action level of 4.0 pCi/L.

Q's? Call 630-553-9100 or visit https://t.co/TjpNNtjRYp https://t.co/gFr4Hx4jWQ
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KCHD is hiring!
Our Weatherization program is expanding - we need a Weatherization Technician! Come join our team.

Find more information about this position and others at https://t.co/hg4MTbjSSw. https://t.co/DD454VhGK7
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Ever wonder what's going on at the Health Department? Check out our winter Newsletter - now on our website!
https://t.co/XBQUvfwHNf https://t.co/RVGpwLxLju
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We are the mosquito & tick team with the Environmental Health Unit at Kendall County.We do tick & mosquito surveillance. We are kicking off a new campaign to spread awareness of these dangerous disease spreaders. Check back for more! #KendallHealthMosquitoesAndTicks https://t.co/8LhwyACJnk kendallhealth photo
Tonight, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, KCHD staff will be at PH Miller in Plano at the Pre-K Community Fair and Winter Wonderland. We will be sharing information about the services we offer and have a craft for preschoolers to do. We hope to see you there! https://t.co/IdNKNs095o kendallhealth photo
This year, make preparedness a priority for you and your family. We encourage you to Do 1 Thing each month in 2023 to plan ahead and be prepared.

In January, Do 1 Thing - Make a Plan.

Learn more at https://t.co/RUNEsG0p3j https://t.co/ZCR9kLewAz
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Do you know how to check if your house has a safe amount of Radon? Test!!
The test is simple, quick, & inexpensive. KCHD is currently offering test kits for $7 (includes shipping & lab fees). Come pick one up at KCHD.
Call 630-553-9100 or visit https://t.co/TjpNNtjRYp. https://t.co/SKpc4iYmDs
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