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Water Wells - Property Owner

EH - MEnvironmental Health Services is committed to ensuring a safe and sustainable water supply for the residents of Kendall County. The potable water supply program serves as the foundation of this effort. As part of this program, staff perform plan reviews, issue permits, and conduct inspections for the construction or repair of water wells, and for the capping or sealing of water wells. Additionally, staff perform investigations of drinking water-related issues and illness.

New Wells and Existing Wells in Use - The Well Permit Packet:
Site evaluations - for building department related projects 
Private Water Supply Fact Sheets

Existing, Unused Wells

Water wells that no longer are used or fall into disrepair threaten the safety of our groundwater resources.  Abandoned wells provide a direct conduit for contaminants to enter the water supply. Please click here to learn more about how to seal a well properly. 

Other Helpful Links

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Water well owner's handbook - a consumer's guide to water wells

Illinois Department of Public Health
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National Ground Water Association (NGWA) - www.wellowner.org
NGWA - Well Owners Guide (pdf)
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