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Outreach Case Management

MH - OutreachThe KCHD Outreach Services program provides high quality case management and  psycho-social support to individuals experiencing mental health, substance abuse, or other duress by engaging them through linkage and referrals to community services. Services are client-centered and focus on assisting the individual to access treatment and services to promote holistic health and well-being.

Outreach services are conducted face-to-face at various locations in the Kendall County, including PADS shelter sites, jail, schools, and client residences.

The purpose of Outreach Services is to make meaningful impact on  homeless reduction, recidivism reduction and crisis prevention for families in Kendall County.  

KCHD Outreach Services provides high quality case management and psycho-social support to community members that experience barriers to service access due to the lack of public transportation, physical impairment, social isolation, homelessness, and serious/persistent mental illness. This supportive program is available to Kendall County residents of all ages. The target population includes all individuals who reside or work in Kendall County.

Outreach Services pays particular attention to health disparities in the population served. This high quality case management and psycho-social support services are provided at PADS, the Jail, Schools, and throughout the Kendall County community.

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