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Water Well and Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems - Developers

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Designing a residential subdivision for unincorporated Kendall County, out of reach of public water and sewer, requires special considerations and careful planning in the areas of onsite wastewater treatment systems and onsite water well supply. In the early stages of planning, the developer will need to demonstrate to the health department that each lot in a proposed subdivision will be furnished with onsite systems. The health department, in accordance with Illinois' Plat Act (765 ILCS/205), is charged with requiring that such assurances are received.

The following information has been compiled with the residential developer in mind.

Plat Review Application Packet

Environmental Health Services is available by appointment to meet with developers to discuss conceptual designs, as well as to assist with the plat review application process. Please call to schedule a time.

This department also recommends that you contact Kendall County Planning, Building, and Zoning at (630) 553-4141.

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