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Services for Older Persons

Kendall County Health Department offers a variety of services for persons aged 60+.Eldercare

We seek to maintain the quality of life for older persons by providing resources, education, counseling, and support to address the multiple issues which arise as we age, striving to maintain our clients' independence and dignity.

Counseling Services

Comprehensive Psychosocial Assessment

Completed at your initial appointment, this tool assists in identifying client strengths as well as areas of concern.


Individual and family counseling is offered to help seniors address the challenges that often accompany aging.

Case Management

Coordinating services, identifying resources, and linking to other programs is an integral part of maintaining independence and reducing stress on seniors and families.

Outreach Case Management

Offered to homebound seniors, providing in home counseling and support, aimed at decreasing isolation and providing linkage to other home services.

Senior Health Insurance Program

SHIP LogoKendall County Health Department has staff who can assist seniors with Medicare coverage decisions.

The Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) provides free individual counseling services at local sites throughout Illinois, including the Kendall County Health Department.  SHIP is dedicated to educating people with Medicare and their caregivers about available insurance options.  SHIP services are also available for people on Medicare due to a disability.

What is SHIP? SHIP...
  • is a free counseling service provided by the Illinois Department of Insurance.
  • does not sell or solicit insurance.
  • is not an insurance plan.
  • trains volunteer counselors throughout the State of Illinois to provide one-on-one help with your insurance.
SHIP counselors can answer questions about:
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Medicare Advantage Plans - HMOs, PPOs, & PFFs
  • Prescription Drug Coverage through Medicare and other sources - including extra help from Social Security for prescription drug costs
  • Long-term Care Insurance
  • Medicare Claims and Appeals
  • Medicare Beneficiary Rights and Guarantees
For more information regarding the Senior Health Insurance Program, please visit ilaging.illinois.gov/ship.html.

Community Education

Education, empowering, and informing the public regarding health issues is considered an essential public health service and is an important aspect of the Eldercare program.  Qualified staff members are available to speak to groups about a variety of issues and concerns related to healthy aging and successful caregiving.

Please call 630.553.9100 for more information.
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