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Parenting Education

MH - Parent EdOur philosophy and approach to parent life education is to draw upon the experiences and expertise of the parents and supplement their strategies with some psycho educational information that is meaningful. All educative services provide strengths based approaches.

Our parent life education works to strengthen competencies in clear and consistent limit setting and non-violent communication.

KCHD strives to build parental confidence in parenting skills while maintaining and enhancing family relationships.

 It is our goal to help parents discover their own greatness while creating boundless successes in the lives of their children.


Kendall County Health Department uses 1, 2, 3, 4 Parents!, a multicultural video and discussion program for parents of children in the 1- to 4-year-old age group.  This program addresses basic parenting skills, teaches stages of development, and is perfect for the new parent.


No matter the age of your child(ren), it is nice to know that there is someone available to consult when a need arises.  Kendall County Health Department has trained staff to assist those parents that are dealing with an immediate crisis or an ongoing issue.  Individual services can help the parents’ dialogue about the current issues during a one-on-one session, focusing solely on the   present concern. This provides the least evasive environment for parents and therefore, effective.

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