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Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation through the Kendall County Health Department is brought by Caregiver Connections. Caregiver Connections provides support to child care providers, families, and communities to build capacity in nurturing positive relationships, healthy social and emotional development, and resiliency for all young children through a culturally competent and trauma informed lens.

We believe every behavior has a meaning and that we can work together in a holistic approach to help identify the meaning through reflection. We also believe there is no magic wand that can fix the “problem” right away, rather we believe if we work together we can find a solution that bests fit your needs. Through observation and consultation, along with professional development opportunities, we can collaborate as a team to achieve the common goal, which is the success of all children.

Following an observation, consultation would involve meeting with Directors, teacher, and/or parent(s) and guardians in a reflective manner to allow us to see a child’s behavior through their own perspective. Referrals can also be facilitated following an observation when necessary.

If you are a child care provider in need of support or mental health consultation, please call (630)553-9100.

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