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Coronavirus Disease Update for Kendall County

May 8, 2020

The Kendall County Health Department (KCHD) is reporting 390 cases of coronavirus disease (COVID19) and 221 in-recovery.

Kendall County Health Department COVID-19 Data Dashboard

Kendall County Health Department COVID-19 Information Page

Youth and Social Distancing

Social distancing is the most critical and important factor that we can control during this COVID-19 outbreak. Here are a few things youth need to know to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

  • Their own health and the health of others depend on them staying home
  • They could be a carrier and spread this virus, even if they have no symptoms
  • If they have to go out, wear a cloth face mask and stay 6 feet or more away from others
  • Encourage them to create their own way to make social distancing cool
  • Encourage their friends to stay home and be an example
  • Make a creative alternative for prom and graduation parties
  • Become the social planner of Netflix parties, virtual game nights, and Zoom coffee dates
  • Find creative ways to help people in your community who are lonely, hungry, or need help (yard work, getting groceries, etc.)
  • Understand that they are not stuck at home, they are safe at home

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