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Coronavirus Disease Update for Kendall County

May 15, 2020

The Kendall County Health Department (KCHD) is reporting 537 cases of coronavirus (COVID19), 291 in-recovery and deaths remain at 20.

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Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children Associated with Coronavirus Disease 2019

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an alert to healthcare providers on some new information on a multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children. This emerging syndrome has been seen in in children across Europe and in at least 19 states in the United States. Doctors in the UK first alerted other doctors to the syndrome in April. Since then physicians in other countries, including Italy and France, have reported clusters of similar cases. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome has symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease in patients under 21 years of age.

Clinical signs of multisystem inflammatory syndrome or Kawasaki-like disease may include: high fevers that last for five or more days, rashes on the torso or groin, bloodshot eyes, red swollen lips, red hands and soles of feet and swelling in the lymph nodes, hands and feet, among others — after testing positive with a current or recent infection of the coronavirus.

The CDC notes that as new information develops it is still unknown if the illness is specific to children or if it also occurs in adults.

For more information on this CDC health alert, please click here.

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