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Pet Disaster Plan

July 8, 2019
Pets are family – do you have a plan for your pet in an emergency? Including pets in emergency plans helps your family’s ability to respond to an emergency. Be prepared: make a plan and prepare a disaster kit for your pet.

To get started, familiarize yourself with the types of disasters that could affect your area and consider your options for providing care for your pet(s).

Sheltering in Place

When sheltering at home with your pet, make sure the room chosen is pet-friendly in the following ways:

  • Select a safe room, preferably an interior room with no (or few) windows.
  • Remove any toxic chemicals or plants.
  • Close off small areas where frightened cats could get stuck (such as vents or beneath heavy furniture).
Sheltering During an Evacuation

During an evacuation, if possible, take your animal with you. Remember to take your pet’s emergency kit with you.

  • If accommodations are needed for your pet(s):
  1. Contact family or friends outside the evacuation area first.
  2. Contact a pet-friendly hotel, particularly along evacuation routes.
  3. Contact local veterinary clinics, boarding facilities, and local animal shelters. Please call ahead to ensure they can receive your animal.
Pet Disaster Kit Checklist

View a Pet Disaster Kit Checklist here.

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