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Prepare Now for Severe Springtime Weather

March 16, 2020

Springtime doesn’t only bring flowers; it can bring severe weather. In the U.S., the Midwest and the Southeast have a greater risk for tornadoes. Tornadoes are powerful rotating columns of air that extend from a thunderstorm to the ground. Tornadoes can; happen anytime and anywhere; bring intense winds, over 200 MPH; and look like funnels.

Before a tornado, establish a safe zone in your home and make sure everyone knows where to go for shelter. Sign up for your community’s warning systems. If your community has sirens, then become familiar with the warning tone.

Tornadoes vary greatly in their appearance and can occur with little or no warning. It is important to know the signs that a tornado could be imminent. Signs include; a dark, often greenish sky, a wall cloud, particularly if it is rotating, large hail, which is often produced by the same storms that produce tornadoes, a loud roar, similar to the sound of a freight train. It is important to know that tornadoes may occur and be visible near the trailing edge of a thunderstorm or may also be embedded in rain and not visible.

A tornado watch means that weather conditions are favorable for tornadoes and a tornado warning means one has been spotted in your area. If you are under a tornado warning, find safe shelter right away. If you can safely get to a sturdy building, then do so immediately. Go to a safe room, basement, or storm cellar. If you are in a building with no basement, then get to a small interior room on the lowest level. Stay away from windows, doors, and outside walls. Do not get under an overpass or bridge. You’re safer in a low, flat location. Watch out for flying debris that can cause injury or death. Use your arms to protect your head and neck.

Taking an active role in your safety today will assist in your response when severe weather is approaching. For more information on emergency preparedness for elders and pets, please click images below. You may also visit www.kendallhealth.org or call (630)553-9100 to learn more.

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