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PSA: Kendall County Coronavirus Update 04.21.2022

April 21, 2022

Public Service Announcement

 Date 4.21.2022 

Contact: Arissa Hunt

Kendall County Coronavirus Update

Earth Day

Earth Day is Friday, April 22nd and serves as a reminder that investing in our planet is an investment in health. Earth Day is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the environment around us and to think about ways that our community can advocate for environmental protections. With this year’s Earth Day theme, “Invest in Our Planet,” the focus is on combating climate change through investment in sustainable business practices and a renewable economy. It is critical to consider the health and justice impacts of climate change in this conversation, and to center equity in these actions that work to protect our environment. We know that climate change poses one of the most significant public health threats today and disproportionately impacts communities of color and of lower income. Below are a few suggestions on how to take action this Earth Day:

  • Add your name to a petition calling on U.S. leaders to produce legislation that will help the U.S. transition to a clean energy economy and low-carbon future, or one that calls for climate and environmental literacy education.
  • Support businesses that consider environmental impacts and sustainability in their practices and investments.
  • Urge members of Congress to support actions to protect public health from the impacts of climate change.
  • Advocate for climate and health by sharing your story through APHA’s Tiny Climate Chronicles.
  • Promote climate and health education, such as through youth curriculum.

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