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Impetigo - Streptococcal Pyoderma


Staphyloccal and streptococcal organisms (bacteria)

Signs and Symptoms

A highly contagious superficial bacterial skin infection that spreads most easily among young children. Begins with a small red spot that turns into a blister. The blister oozes a thick yellowish fluid and a thick yellow-brown crust forms. The crusty areas may burn and/or itch. Commonly found on the hands and face, but sometimes widely scattered over the body.

Incubation Period


Mode of Transmission

Extremely contagious and may be transmitted to other areas on the person’s body by his/her own contaminated hands, particularly when there are open scratches. Easily transmitted by direct contact with infected persons, contaminated articles, or dirt that contains animal wastes.

Period of Communicability

Variable, commonly four to 10 days.

Preventive Measures

Emphasis on good, personal hygiene especially handwashing.

Implications for School

Exclude from school. A note from the doctor stating treatment has occurred is required upon return. Even though the individual is under treatment, all sores must be covered until they have dried up.

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