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Bacterial disease, Salmonella

Signs and Symptoms

A bacterial disease with symptoms of acutely inflamed intestine and colon, with a sudden onset of headache, abdominal pain, fever, diarrhea, nausea and sometimes vomiting. Dehydration may be severe.

Incubation Period

Six to seventy-two hours, usually about twelve to thirty-six hours.

Mode of Transmission

By ingesting organisms in food derived from infected animals or contaminated by feces of an infected animal or person. This includes raw/cracked eggs, raw milk, meat or poultry products, pet turtles, flies, and chicks.

Period of Communicability

Communicability is throughout the course of infection, from several days to several weeks. An outbreak occurs when two or more individuals at the same school have the same symptoms.

Preventive Measures

Use of Universal/Standard Precautions including instruction on proper hand washing and personal hygiene. Educate students about proper handling of pet animals such as turtles, ducks and chicks, including hand washing. Proper storage and cooking of food is important and should be carefully monitored.

Implications for School

Exclude student from school. Student must have healthcare provider’s note to return to school. Outbreaks at school will require investigation by Department of Health-Kendall, who will recommend appropriate control measures to Student Health Services. Immediately report diagnosed case to Student Health Services at #__________________.

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