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Mumps (Vaccine Preventable)




Mumps virus

Signs and Symptoms

An acute viral disease characterized by fever, malaise, swelling, tenderness and pain in or behind the ear, loss of appetite, nausea, headache, and complaints of an earache that is aggravated by chewing.  Tenderness, swelling in the parotid gland (under jaw area), and pain when chewing or when drinking sour or acidic liquids.

Incubation Period

Twelve to twenty-five days, usually eighteen days

Mode of Transmission

By droplet spread and by direct contact with saliva of an infected person.

Period of Communicability

Six days before the earliest symptoms to as long as nine days.  Mumps is contagious until the swelling disappears.

Preventive Measures

Mumps vaccine is recommended within twenty-four hours of exposure for susceptible children and adult male contacts that have not been previously immunized.  Vaccine can be given at twelve months or older.

Implications for School

Exclude from school.  Student must have note to return. Other children in the family may attend school but the teacher should observe them closely and exclude immediately at the earliest symptom of illness.  Immediately report cases to Student Health Services at # ______________________.

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