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Skin Wounds/ Cuts/ Sores/ Abrasions



Skin Wounds/ Cuts/ Sores/ Abrasions Letter Home

Measures To Be Taken
  • Emphasis on good, personal hygiene, especially hand washing, is essential to reducing the risk of infection.
  • Wear disposable gloves, when exposed to blood or other body fluids.
  • All wounds should be washed gently with soap and water to remove dirt.
  • If a blister is present DO NOT BREAK BLISTER.
  • Rinse affected area under running water.
  • Pat affected area dry with gauze or paper towel.
  • Apply a clean dry dressing (non-adhering for scrapes) and bandage.
  • In some instances where bandages cannot be applied (e.g. scalp) hats and clothing can be effective barriers in preventing the spread of infection.
  • Check student’s tetanus record for DPT/DT/Tdap to see if up to date.
  • Contact responsible school authority and parent/legal guardian.
  • Complete a student accident report if indicated.
Implications for School

Students/staff with open skin wounds/cuts/sores/abrasions need to keep the affected area covered. All sores must be covered until they have healed. If signs/symptoms of infection are present, such as redness, swelling, or drainage, refer the student/staff member to their health care provider. Contact Student Health Services at #______________ if additional information is needed.

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