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Meningitis-Haemophilus Influenza

(Hib Disease-Vaccine Preventable)



Meningitis due to the Haemophilus influenza bacteria, and is vaccine preventable.

Signs and Symptoms

HIB is most common in children six months through five years of age. Symptoms are lethargy, fever, stiff neck, headache, irritability, tiredness, vomiting and loss of appetite.

Incubation Period

Two to 10 days

Mode of Transmission

Person-to-person contact, by airborne droplet spray, and nose and throat discharges during communicable period.

Period of Communicability

As long as organisms are present. Non-communicable within 24-48 hours after starting effective antibiotic therapy.


Preventive Measures

Vaccine available. Any child attending pre-school or nursery care should have this vaccine.

Implications for School

Exclude from school. Healthcare provider’s note required to return to school. Report to Coordinated Student Health Services immediately at #_________________. Student Health Services will report immediately to Department of Health-Kendall.

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