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Rubella-German Measles (Vaccine Preventable)




Rubella virus

Signs and Symptoms

A contagious viral disease that may start with a low-grade fever for 1 to 5 days, headache, runny nose, red eyes and a mild raised rash that spreads all over the body.  Other symptoms may be stiffness and soreness of neck muscles, muscular aches and pains and tiredness.

 Young children may have no signs and symptoms until rash appears, then low grade fever and tiredness.  Older children and adults usually have symptoms one to four days before rash occurs, along with joint pain and swollen lymph nodes.

Incubation Period

Sixteen to eighteen days, with a range of fourteen to twenty-three days.

Mode of Transmission

Contact with nasopharyngeal secretions of infected person.  Infection is by droplet spread or direct contact with infected person or articles of their clothing soiled with discharges from the nose, throat, and urine.

Period of Communicability

One week before and four days after onset of rash.  Highly contagious.

Preventive Measures

Single dose vaccine.  Educate students regarding hand washing and proper disposal of soiled tissues.  Identify anyone in her first trimester of pregnancy and have her consult her health care provider immediately.  Identify immune suppressed individuals and notify health care provider and parents immediately.

Implications for School

Exclude from school.  Student must have doctor’s note to return to school.  Immediately report case to Student Health Services at #________________.

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