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Lyme Disease




A multisystemic disorder caused by a spirochete through a tick bite. It often begins in the summer with classic skin lesions. Weeks or months later, cardiac or neurologic abnormalities may develop, sometimes followed by arthritis. The disease has at least three phases. Tick bites usually occur from April through November.

Signs and Symptoms

Red, raised bumps on the skin, a mild rash on the cheeks and conjunctivitis. In phase one, red blotches, along with constant fatigue, headaches, fever, chills, sore muscles, joint pain and swollen lymph glands replace the bumps. In phase two, one can have facial palsy and cardiac problems. In phase three, one has marked swelling, and arthritis in large joints.

Incubation Period

3 to 32 days after tick exposure.

Mode of Transmission

3 to 32 days after tick exposure.

Period of Communicability

None. It is spread by exposure to tick and not human exposure. It is usually treatable with antibiotics.

Preventive Measures

Avoidance of tick-infested areas. Use repellents when in infested areas.

Implications for School

Immediately report diagnosed case to Student Health Services at #________________. Student Health Services will report to Department of Health-Kendall. Student may return to school with healthcare provider’s note.

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